How to create your unique, winning Freshtrusion brand - in 5 easy steps

Step 1. Contact our Freshtrusion team 

At GA we give you the option to use all our NPD facilities and expertise as and when you require. To contact the Freshtrusion team email: or call 01257 633137.

Step 2. Choose your preferred Freshtrusion ingredients.

We have over 700 ingredients for you to choose from. Alternatively you can source your own. If it is available for human food it is available for Freshtrusion recipes.  

Step 3. Select your desired level of fresh ingredients 

Freshtrusion’s flexibility allows you to choose the levels of each fresh ingredient, to optimise nutrition, target marketing positions and commercial price points.

Step 4. Develop your commercial & communication strategy

For over 20 years we’ve travelled the world reviewing trends and successful strategies in super premium pet and human food markets. We continually share this knowledge and you decide the pace and level of

involvement with your brand development.  

Step 5. Ongoing brand support and development 

You will have access to an exceptional range of freely available services and expert advice from: 

- Specialist nutritionists 
- Packaging experts 
- Multilingual account managers 
- Marketing specialists 
- Logistics and distribution experts 
- R&D teams 
- Sales support