Ecology, bio-diversity and nature conservation - the GA site represents the very best in earth friendly manufacturing.

When it comes to sustainable eco-friendly pet food manufacturing, GA sets the standard for others to follow and has a reputation in the industry that all pet food brands would be proud of.

GA has invested heavily in a new purpose-built environmental management facility for the treatment of water and odour. All air and water is cleaned and recycled on site, reducing GA’s environmental impact on its neighbours and the local environment. The GA site comprises 27 hectares of land bordering the Designated Biological Heritage Site of the River Douglas in West Lancashire.

Ever mindful of its social responsibilities GA has entered into a Habitat, Creation & Management Plan that provides major benefits in terms of additional planting, the creation of wetland areas and species rich grasslands to encourage nesting and foraging bird species. Detailed management plans will continue to maintain biodiversity for many years to come through extensive planting of 10,000 native trees and shrubs. There is also an award-winning on site packaging recycling plant separating paper, cardboard and plastics so dramatically reducing landfill waste.

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