Case Studies

Overseas brand seeking EU production

Due to continued growth in UK and EU markets with product being shipped in from overseas, the decision was made to seek a super premium pet food manufacturer who could produce the same product in the UK. Ingredient quality and availability and the inclusion of fresh meat with the capability to store and despatch their product (saving them the time and investment in finding their own UK-based warehouse) meant they chose GA as their pet food partner. A full container of packaging for over 40 SKUs of pet food was shipped over to GA and stock levels were built over several weeks. Weekly electronic orders are now fulfilled automatically with product being shipped weekly from GA out to Europe and Russia. Due to shipping fresher pet food and the shorter lead times to their distributors, their business has seen double digit growth.

New dog food brand for a start-up business

GA were contacted by a pet owner who was not happy with the food they were feeding their own mature dog. They had noticed that it suffered from a skin condition which improved when fed wholesome homemade food. They wanted to develop their own pet food that would produce the same results, and then offer it to a wider market.

With the help of GA’s pet nutritionists, 3 super premium dog food diets were developed and trialled. The GA team also helped to develop the text and content for the packaging which was supplied by an external packaging supplier. The first small batches were packed into 2 different pack sizes and stored at the DC for distribution. This brand is now sold in both pet shops and a grocery multiple with some product being sold via mail-order, being fulfilled directly by GA’s Distribution Centre.

Moving from another manufacturer

A large mature private label brand, having seen the full service offered by GA from NPD through to its comprehensive storage and despatch capabilities chose to move this entire production to GA. The transition period was critical, requiring significant volumes to be produced and stored well in advance of the move. Working with the brand’s own NPD and design team, a flurry of new product development across dog, cat and treat lines led to a rapid increase in turnover for the brand. The scale of GA’s storage and logistics operation meant that the growth was managed easily with despatch to multiple sites being a key requirement. The brand continues to grow and there is a steady ongoing stream of new product ideas.